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Lace jacket/ crop top / high waited skirt - PacSun

Precious Allen, 19, Pittsburgh, Pa

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Turn on the app If you feel unsafe hold your finger on the screen. Once arrived to a safe location, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code law enforcement is notified and your location is tracked through your phone.

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Yet another video of aubrih gettin’ it.



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My mind seems to be the weakest when I analyze how my life has been going. When I feel I have nothing but myself and bills that’s when things get personal. Wanting a break, I just ask for the thoughts to stop and I find myself asleep. This is a mechanism I hate. A mechanism people don’t understand either. Sometimes the dream world is filled with happiness and memories you just can’t stop sleeping.. You Sleep for hours and hours until you wake up to find that the stars are out. Looking at the stars you feel so hopeless. Another wasted day on sleep you think. Feeling so distant from the world you wish you could dance with it again as it spins, but see our minds and the devil has a way of making you feel 10 times as worst with the thought “were you ever dancing with the world anyway?” Which gives a feeling of never being stable. Never knowing what balance is. Sadly this is me. The boy who could not stop sleeping. Ha, what a life..

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Zodiac Expressions of Sadness

  1. ♈ Aries: Rage, impulsivity and failure to get worked up about the things they normally do, oppositional but with less verve and energy
  2. ♉ Taurus: Isolation, binge eating and lethargy, a sense of 'me against the world', less patience, easier to enrage
  3. ♊ Gemini: Silence, nerves, over thinking, easily distractible and seems 'elsewhere'; they are fairly intolerable to sadness they tend to detach/dissociate from feelings after a short while
  4. ♋ Cancer: Teariness, neediness, isolation, binge eating, crying after insignificant events, stomach aches, a feeling of separation from everyone around them
  5. ♌ Leo: Obvious displays of stress, they become like a wound up string and as if they are on the brink of a nervous break down. Short tempered and needy (only around close friends/family) and become martyred
  6. ♍ Virgo: Isolation, heightened compulsions (cleaning, washing hands more etc;), unresponsive in conversations, at time blunt and more oppositional
  7. ♎ Libra: General feeling of instability/moodiness, reduced urge to socialize/be with friends, hopelessness, a feeling of being disliked/rejected by everyone, you can sense them 'trying' to be happy and keep composed
  8. ♏ Scorpio: Isolation, opposition, hostility and violent mood swings. Intense melancholy with at times delusions and paranoia. Thoughts even scary to them, a sense of 'me against the world'.
  9. ♐ Sagittarius: Lethargy, escapism (substance use etc;), uncharacteristically more serious and tense, less tolerance, feelings of worry when thinking into the future
  10. ♑ Capricorn: Demotivation, lethargy, hopelessness, over thinking, they seem tense and 'overly alert', hyper vigilant, force themselves to 'go through the motions', nothing impresses them
  11. ♒ Aquarius: Uneasy, harder to 'reach'; as if they are far away. Silence, isolation, detachment, even though they try to appear happy. Distractible
  12. ♓ Pisces: Teariness, anxiety, isolation, when they feel sadness they tend to feel 'all at once', nerves, obsessive/ruminating thinking, remembering everything bad that ever happened to them, crying over insignificant events
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Why are you my clarity?

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😂 I love Rihanna.

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